I’m a concept artist, Illustrator, and creative director, from Peshawar, Pakistan. I was originally trained as an Engineer, with an MSc in Mechanical Design and an MPhil in Robotics. I was also pursuing a PhD in Robotics, where I was researching topics like this, and this, but dropped out of the program to build a career more aligned with my interests. I learned (and continue to learn!) digital art, and have since worked as a visual designer and art consultant in a variety of fields, including corporate design, mobile games & apps, animated TV series, and product marketing campaigns. 

I’m also a new media fine artist, exploring art and design across emerging media like virtual reality, augmented reality, and projection mapping. My fine arts work uses new media art to explore themes of identity, culture, and futurism, particularly for my South Asian heritage.

I currently live in Vancouver, and can be contacted here


With over seven years of experience in a variety of visual art roles, l enjoy wearing many hats. Some notable highlights are below:

  • Creative Director for Patari [project basis, ongoing]

  • Project Leader, Pakistan+ [January - November 2018]

  • Senior 2D Artist at Caramel Tech Studios (2015-2017)

  • Freelance Illustrator across a variety of industries, including book cover illustrations, magazines, brochures, and web design [2012 - present]

  • New media fine artist, exploring virtual reality, augmented reality, and projection mapping [2017 - present]


Save the Children, The British Council, United Nations Education Foundation, Red Bull, Dawn News, Patari, Caramel Tech Studios, Govt. of Pakistan, Lost Stories, Jabal Entertainment, The Express Tribune, The Missing Slate, GIK Institute, Spot 'n' Park, Children's Global Network. 


Solo Exhibition: “Peshawar+ : A Journey Through the Future,” Basecamp, Peshawar (2018)
Solo Exhibition: “Islamabad+ : A Journey Through the Future,” MyArtWorld, Islamabad (2018)
Solo Exhibition: “Lahore+: A Journey Through the Future,” Daftarkhwan, Lahore (2018)
Solo Exhibition: “Karachi+: A Journey Through the Future,” School of Tomorrow, Karachi (2018)
(The above solo exhibitions are part of the Pakistan+ series of exhibitions, sponsored by the Prince Claus Fund and the British Council. Further details here)

Group Exhibition: "Crazy Multiply," Mayfly, Seoul (2018) 
Group Exhibition: "FocusOn: Pakistan," Artrooms, London (2018)
Group Exhibition: "Pakistan Showcase," The Pakistan Association, Dubai (2017)
Group Exhibition: "The Muslim Protagonist", Columbia University, New York City (2017)
Group Exhibition: "Rang-Saaz (Dyer-Maker)", Alhamra Art Council, Lahore (2017)
Group Exhibition: "Kaleidoscope," Aqs Gallery, Islamabad (2014)

Public Talks & Presentations

  • “Play”, National Digital Design Conference, Islamabad (2018)

  • “Pakistan+: A Journey Through the Future,” Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam (2018)

  • “Artist talk & Discussion,” Eindhoven Design Academy, Eindhoven (2018)

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